Church History

Every church has a story. Every story involves people, men and women, who have sacrificed to make the church what it is today. Whether leaders or faithful members in the church, they are all important to see the work move forward and grow.

Our story, the story of Faith Baptist Church, includes the highest of mountain top experiences as well as some very dark days.

It began by meeting in a small block building about two miles west of Cloverdale on State Road 42. The first pastor, Elmer Smiley, moved the church to its current location in the spring of 1967. Elmer was sent out of Antioch Baptist Church in Greencastle to begin this work. At the time, the church was named Faith Missionary Baptist Church.

Pastor Smiley resigned just a short time later, something the church would see much more of in the coming years. For about three years the church remained without a pastor. Several guest speakers came through during these times. Many Sundays consisted of just a Sunday School hour with a handful of members. In November of 1969, the church closed its doors and meetings were suspended.

In March of 1970 God sent Phil Turner to the area to encourage the membership and reopen the doors, but his stay wouldn’t be long. He remained as pastor until the spring of 1971.

At that time he resigned and Jerry Huber was voted as pastor. Under his leadership the church was renamed Faith Central Baptist Church. Five years later, Jerry stepped down and Mark Powell was voted in.

Under his leadership and direction, the church was reorganized as an Independent Baptist Church and again changed its name, this time to Faith Baptist Church. One year later, in October of 1977, Mark resigned as pastor.

Over the next 6 years, Faith Baptist Church would see more of the same. Pastor Ralph Thompson ministered for one year. Pastor Steve Ferguson served two short terms, one lasting nine months and another two years. Brother Allen Chenault also served as pastor during that time period.

In 1983, (sixteen years, seven pastors, and three name changes later), the church voted in Perry Price as pastor and began to see not only stability, but growth. Under the leadership and direction of Pastor Perry Price, the church was able to increase its membership substantially. As a result of the growth, in 1989 they built a new auditorium that would seat an estimated 200 people. Seven years later they added a fellowship hall as well. Pastor Price faithfully taught and preached the Word of God for seventeen years. In the year 2000, Perry resigned and the church voted in his son-in-law Wes McClure.

Pastor Wes McClure continues to labor in the work of the Lord until this current day. With the direction from the Lord and the leadership of Pastor McClure, the church has continued to see people saved. In 2011, while the nation was experiencing a recession, the Lord allowed the church to add more property and begin building a gym to provide more room for the expanding kids ministry. The building was completed in February of 2012.

The story is still being written for Faith Baptist Church. Please pray along with us as we desire to be the “pillar and ground of the truth” for this community.