With the guidance and leading of the Lord Jesus Christ, our desire here at Faith Baptist Church is to help others in their journey of life. As a church we want to see these purposes fulfilled:

  1. To encourage others to love God – our hearts desire is to see men and women, boys and girls who develop a personal love and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We do this through the teaching and preaching of God’s Word, through the music ministry, the outreach ministry, and so on. All are directed to bring others to love God.
  2. To edify others to serve God – through Sunday School classes, through the pulpit ministry, and one-on-one discipleship programs, we desire to see Christians get involved and find a place where they can serve. The Bible says Jesus himself “came not to be ministered unto, but to minister (serve)…” Matthew 20:28. We want to give every child of God that opportunity to minister for the Lord through the local church.
  3. To equip others to reach this community for Christ – it is our belief that the Bible commands each of us to tell others about Christ. We do not leave that solely in the hands of the pastor or staff; rather we desire to train up Christians who will be a witness for our Lord. We do this again through the teaching and preaching, as well as through offering outreach opportunities such as “Love Works.”

Wherever you are in your journey through life, we would love to point you to the cross of Calvary and introduce you to a wonderful Saviour who has a purpose and plan for your life.