Church Update

Dear Church Family,

Last week I started my message by saying we are in a quickly changing world. Well, it has changed some more. It is now suggested that we meet in groups of ten or less. That makes it nearly impossible to have church services.

Since we have so much technology in this day we have decided to try something different for at least the next two weeks and then see where we should go from there. Just as many of your kids are now doing online learning we are going to live stream the services starting March 22 so you can see them from home. Many of you have internet and this will work good for you. If you do not have internet contact us by phone and we will get you a DVD to watch the services that way.

This is not the way we want to have church, but it is better than no church. It is not cancelling church but rather rearranging it. Some churches are fighting it and saying that the government should not be trying to shut us down. If churches were all that were being shut down, I would agree but everything and everyone is making changes.

The purpose of the shutdown is not to stop us from getting our message out but to stop the spread of a virus. In light of that we feel we should do as God says in Heb 13:17 “Obey them that have the rule over you and submit yourselves:” And then find another way to get our message out.

No one really likes changes, but I believe God allows things to happen in order for us to realize we need to be a little more flexible at times. I encourage you to stay active with us even if it is from home, or at a distance. You know I cannot even turn my cell phone without help, so I have the technology savvy people doing most of the work in the background.

I realize this will be easier for those who are 40-year-old or less, but we need all of you to stay on board. My technology crew will tell you more of how to stay in contact.

I am told you will even be able to message during the sermon if you like something said. Some of you have been wanting to amen but were a little afraid. Figure out how you can do it online now and get started.

I still can meet people in small settings if you need to talk or see me for anything. You can still contact me by phone. Remember this, what we oftentimes see as a disappointment is really an appointment from God.

Oh, and one last thing. What kind of preacher would I be if I did not mention giving? We still have bills and we still support missions and we still hope to start a new building soon and above all we still are commanded to tithe.

You can send your Tithes to PO Box 442 Cloverdale for now. We will soon have it set up so you can also give online. Nelson will still be recording everything for you and will keep it updated.

I know some of you have many questions going through your head right now. Hopefully you will be able to understand our new system soon. Satan would like to use our current situation to cause us to be lax in our worship and distance ourselves from God. God would like to use our current situation to draw us much closer to him than we have been before. Which way we go is a decision we make ourselves.


Pastor Wes


To watch the Sunday messages live online, go to You can tune in at 11:00am and 6:00pm to join the service.

If you can’t catch it live, you can find the sermon video on our YouTube channel. For that, go to and search Faith Baptist Church of Cunot.